Monday, March 7, 2011

Japanese Women Molested In Train

Call Libraries Solidarity.

Until Thursday, March 10, 2011 can be downloaded from the website of the Libraries of Rome Announcement of the new Libraries Solidarity for the admission of co-operation projects . Biennium 2011-2012, the campaign of the Libraries of Rome in favor of the right to be understood in the the southern hemisphere. The deadline for submitting applications is March 10, 2011 at 12.
Terms and timely submission of applications
Applications must be drafted according to the attached diagram. They must be contained in a sealed envelope, marked outside LIBRARIES SOLIDARITY CAMPAIGN-PROJECTS 2011-2012.
Applications, in duplicate and hand-signed by the legal representative of the organization or candidate, must be submitted by 12 noon on the fifteenth day of the date of publication of this notice on the website of the Libraries of Rome, bringing them in person at Institution Libraries headquarters in Rome, Via Giuseppe Zanardelli, 34 - 00186, or sending it via fax to 06-45430244 or mail by registered letter (in this case will the postmark). Admission requirements

can apply those legally established that:
1) have their registered office or operation in the Municipality of Rome
2) belong to one of the following categories:
- Ong (Law 49/1987)
- Onlus (D. Lgs. n.460/1997)
- Volunteer Organizations of Law No
266/1991 - Social Promotion Association of Law No 383/2000
- Cooperatives of Law n.381/1991
- Cultural Associations and Foundations of Presidential Decree 10 February 2000, No 361
- legally recognized ecclesiastical entities (Law 222/85)
3) have experience of socio-cultural cooperation, relevant documentation and duration, geographical area or geographic areas for which this project.
4) Non-profit organization whose purpose is and what is implied by a forecast that calls the statutory prohibition on direct or indirect distribution of profits or surpluses.

To download the announcement:
For information: Silvia
Bazzocchi: Campaign Manager Project Office at social relevance:
tel: 06 45430259 Office
Ivana Dama-Country Solidarity Institution Libraries Libraries of Rome:
i.dama @ รจ questo indirizzo e-mail protetto dallo spam bot. Per vederlo enable Javascript.


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